Bellaroma Hospital has developed significantly when it became a hospital after it was a one day surgery center, where it became a destination for world famous singers, actors and celebrities of social media because they find safety in this place, and the hospital’s capacity has become greater in terms of the number of patients after operations, the number of rooms and the capacity more From 15 rooms for patients after surgical operations, more than 10 doctors specializing in plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat surgery from consultants and specialists joined the hospital, knowing that the hospital is aesthetically equipped in a very beautiful way, which gives psychological comfort to patients, which is an integral part of the treatment they receive and is also equipped with all equipment Necessary for all cosmetic operations with all safety standards.

The provision of cosmetic services and medical needs in the Emirate of Dubai for many years at Bellaroma Specialized Hospital, located on Al Wasl Road, is one of the most famous and reliable hospitals in the UAE in particular and the world in general, as the tourists coming for cosmetic purposes to Bellaroma during the hospital’s journey exceeded ten thousand medical tourists They came to Dubai specifically to Bellaroma Hospital, where they perform all kinds of plastic surgeries, including liposuction of the accumulated fat, tummy tuck after repeated births, weight loss, drawing abdominal muscles, facelift, tightening the body in general, and many cosmetic services for the body, face and skin, as the hospital has advanced equipment and operating theater World-class facilities and modern facilities, but most importantly, the hospital is proud of its experienced and skilled surgeons and consultants who hold the most important international certificates.

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