Bellaroma Hospital has risen to the top as a one-of-its-kind centre for cosmetic, beauty and care, and has shown the right path to all its patients for sound and safe treatments across Dubai. Rawad Abdulkader, CEO, Bellaroma, discussed the importance of giving patients a special medical and cosmetic care centre, which could give them the right treatments under the supervision and expertise of highly experienced medical professionals.

Bellaroma Hospital has contributed massively to the growing beauty industry, which has already shown tremendous growth so far in billions of dollars, in 2021. This kind of growth looks promising to move upward and forward. It is believed that experts in the beauty industry will push the niche market to a greater level of success and growth, ultimately increasing the trust of the patients.

Since its inception in 2010, Bellaroma hospital has worked towards fulfilling the needs of each and every patient with modern-day techniques and treatments. The brand not only promises great results but also focus on the safety of the patients. The team at Bellaroma Hospital, advises the same to other budding centres in the world, struggling to make their mark in the competitive industry. They say that in order to reach the top of an industry, one must always choose to walk in trends with the current times while not forgetting the principles on which they are standing.

The hospital also emphasises the importance of social media and how it can alter people’s mindsets for treatments available in the beauty and cosmetics care sector, by offering a wide array of marketing techniques. “Many people still have several inhibitions around the cosmetic treatment and fear to get treated thinking something will go wrong; however, it is essential to think beyond that and trust genuine brands and centres that actually make the real difference in people’s lives with their incredible services,” said Abdulkader.

Bellaroma Hospital, provides exemplary services— body contouring, dental beauty, liposuction, body reshapes, body identification, and a list of other cosmetic and non-cosmetic treatments and surgeries, besides laser and skincare.

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